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 Charles Washington SHELTON &
 Mary Elvira GOODE

Our cousin, James, donated his cells for a DNA test that has helped solve our SHELTON mystery.  Our DNA number is SH-40 and was done at Family Tree DNA located in Houston.  Before this test was done, we did not know where in NC our Henry SHELTON might have been.  We have now matched exactly in all 37 markers in the DNA test with a family who remained in Stokes and Surry Counties, NC.   This family originally came from VA (maybe Patrick Co).  That matches with our family tradition that at some point Henry "returned" to VA to take care of some family business.  A descendant of this NC family who now lives in Utah is working with me to compare records.  We believe that our Henry and her Williamson SHELTON are maybe first cousins.  She is, stuck on that same generation where we were stumped for so long, with no idea who the parents of Williamson might be.  Some information on the internet shows parents for Williamson, but our new-found cousin in Utah says there is no proof of that.
Also, we have been contacted by a 3rd cousin who has recently moved to New Mexico.  He is a descendant of Joseph L. SHELTON, the brother of our James Milton SHELTON.  His name is Jerry SHELTON.  I have recently been in touch with him again.
Above all, I want to thank James for helping me make this test a reality.  It had to be from a direct male descendant, so for a family that is practically "daughtered out" this was a big deal!  Go to Henry SHELTON's page for the solution to the mystery.  Thanks, James!



This Web Site is presented to honor our grandparents, Charles Washington and Mary Elvira (GOODE) SHELTON.  Our Grandmother asked that the family always get together once a year.  We have done that most of the time.  For some of us, it is more difficult to attend those family reunions because of distance, health, and personal or business schedules.  Whatever the reason, we miss our family closeness.  Our Grandmother taught her children to be caring, loving, and good friends.  Her children passed that down to their children and so it goes...  This Web Site is not meant to take the place of those wonderful get-togethers, but to supplement them.  We hope she would approve.


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